Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Sykes, Siemens Business Services, and the Philippines experience

Sykes Global Services recently reported a revenue growth of £7.6m for last year and doubling of staff. It is interesting to find out that Sykes conversion to a call center service provider took place as it fulfilled the need of Adobe, the software company. This prime client call center needs is being fulfilled by Sykes call centers in the Philippines. (The Herald)

Siemens Business Services (SBS) reported revenues of €5.37bn but losses of €690m. Over-capacity is deemed as one of the reasons for its lost. To resolve, the company shall cut additional 3,000 jobs worldwide, outside of Germany's 2,400 job cuts. Half of the €1.5bn cost savings shall be attributed to the job cut while the other for offshoring to countries such as the Philippines. SBS has set up an offshoring center in the Philippines that will act as a call center, for Asia and the US. (Ovum)

Research initiatives
Alsbridge, a global sourcing advisory firm began their Fall 2005 Offshore, Outsourcing, and Shared Services tour with visits across Asia to the Philippines, Thailand and India. The Asian tour was preceded by trips to Canada and will be followed by visits to Romania, Bulgaria, Czech Republic and Poland in Europe. The purpose of the Fall 2005 Tour is to gather the most up to date information on the cost, quality, and risk of delivery of services – independent of service provider and local authority influence – from viable offshore locations.

Companies and newswriters are encouraged in helping write-up the Business Process Outsourcing entry in Wikipedia.

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