Thursday, November 10, 2005

Qualified workers and competitive managers

Call center Paxys Inc. net profit from January to September 2005 has reached P206.80 compared to P85.26 million last year. By year-end, the company is expecting to generate P270 to P300 million revenue. (Yahoo)

ePLDT's call center business is growing too. At end-September, the company had 3,315 seats, compared with 1,736 a year earlier. (Inq7)

Call center revenue in the Philippines in 2005 is expected to reach more than P1 billion.

The business process outsourcing sector is certainly booming. Much of its growth is attributed to our English speaking professionals. Today, knowledge of foreign languages, other than English, is becoming an important factor as well.

For instance IBM Business Solutions hired 470 workers whose personnel are knowledgable of more than one foreign language. ( This also creates the need for Filipinos to acquire language skills, other than English, to become more competitive in the workplace.

Filipino knowledge and skilled workers are much in demand overseas. For the past 3 days, 138 foreign employers joined the Department of Labor and Employment's First International Labor Mart where work opportunities from dairy farm workers to IT workers are being offered.

Efforts in improving the education system is ongoing and even allotting funds to target the marginalized sectors and areas in the country. Congressman Rolando Andaya Jr., House of Representatives Chairman of the appropriations committee, has allotted P100 million in improving the madrassas curriculum, through the Department of Education.

However, the challenge as well is to help our existing knowledge workers gain advanced education further. This way, we can also eye in becoming a management giant as a potential direction, in the future. Companies are encouraged in providing this incentive to employees, in the form of a loan or incentive, should be explored.

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