Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Outsourcing Article Re-write

I often receive offers to do article writing and find myself too tied up to accept them. However, I began meeting young people who are potential creative writers and decided to refer one opportunity yesterday, to a talented 18 year old, that more or less pays US$400 per month. She was very happy about it and even linked Busby SEO Test.

After that, I realized that outsourcing is changing indeed. One doesn't have to be a matured professional to accept work. In fact, the young and talented are an interesting resource to tap for the amount of pay is almost secondary to them. Although still, that amount if converted to pesos, is way above minimum wage. Their first intention in accepting projects is to get experience. Next, since they are still dependent (living with parents), the amount they earn is more for them to spend on things they like.

For the matured ones, I guess this also meant that we have to be really competitive with our offerings and be flexible with our rates as the market is becoming wiser and even practical.

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  1. i used to do similar part time jobs when i was in college (not so long ago..haha!) and yes, the earnings really did help me to get the things i wanted..

    nice write-up po, ms. janette! happy new year! :D