Tuesday, February 06, 2007

GlobeSolutions provides ePerformax with MessageConnect

GlobeSolutions, the corporate wireless business group of Globe Telecom and Innove Communications, will be providing ePerformax Contact Centers, a highly-recognized call center based in the Philippines and the U.S., with its MessageConnect service.

MessageConnect allows enterprises to send or broadcast information to all their employees and clients via SMS and MMS so they get up-to-date and reliable data. It sends messages in bulk thus providing corporations a central messaging platform for all their communication needs.

This service provides fast and direct reach to the company’s people and to its customers, with messages sent in real time or on a set schedule. It saves the company staff time by decreasing phone queries and it even enables polls, mini-campaigns and various business processes.

With this service, ePerformax will be able to provide value-added messaging services to its growing workforce in Metro Manila. The company will use this to conduct instant surveys and track attendance.

MessageConnect can be a tool for recruitment to update applicants on their interview and exam schedules as well as their status. This service can also be used for company updates such as emergency and training announcements, job opportunities and calendar of events. Information on human resources like payroll and promotion announcements, and launches and approval of benefits can also be sent to employees through this service.

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