Friday, August 21, 2009

Thoughts blogging

A few hours earlier, I just discovered the free blogging community that is founded by Ben Ogden. It is similar to some of the social networks today that allows you to have a blog, photo album, podcast, forums, survey, video repository, and the likes. Some features I found interesting are:


  • The photo album section allows you to import from existing accounts. Although most of the sections require you to post or upload original content.
  • Fellow users can rate most of the stuff you posted in the site.
  • The person with the best weighed averaged shall be able to win an all expense-paid retreat to a fun location every year. In the past two years, the winner got treated in Las Vegas. I guess this is also a means to encourage people to interact with each other.
  • It has widgets that you can opt to add or remove as part of your home. An example would be the meet & greet where you can say hello to those who just joined the community.

The site can be of interest to those who are looking for another possible venue in establishing their presence, publish their thoughts and ideas, while meeting a whole new set of people at the same time.

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