Sunday, April 05, 2009

Getting into the web hosting business

Eversince I started DigitalFilipino, a question often received is if we develop websites and into web hosting business. Default answer would always be a "No, but I can refer you to others." However, as I find myself gradually investing into domain names, create blogs, helping companies start a blog, among others, having a web hosting server that can service unlimited domain names is fast becoming an attractive option. Eventually subscribed two weeks ago from a corporate club member and will start attending to it soon.

Being in the search engine marketing and optimization business, having multiple web host accounts, not limited to one country provider, is critical especially for those whose clients are global in nature. This also saves you from the situation where if the web host is down, all of your sites (especially if they are by the hundred) are down too.


I realized that this is now easy to do as there are cheap webhost review sites today, like Web Hosting Bluebook, that can help any newbie webmaster decide to pick the right one that suits their budget and be confident as the entities are recommended by others.

The top 10 web hosting sites offers great deals like free domain name and monthly hosting fees as low as US$3.95. I like also the trust factor where details about the web hosting provider is given such as the year they started in business, uptime rating, total customers, etc.

Readers can also suggest other providers and complain about the ones listed through the forums.

The web hosting business is still very much promising. For as long as companies believe they need to have a website and individuals recognize the importance of having their own presence, the demand for it will continuously increase.

What will separate one service provider over another is the trust and reputation they are able to establish.

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