Monday, January 14, 2008

Web Design Services in the Philippines

Web design is one of the popular services being offered by web development companies in the Philippines. What makes this competitive is that it is highly dependent on the creativity of the web designer in capturing what the client wants. As price is usually fierce in this field, clients usually picks on providers that have:
  • Impressive portfolio
  • Knowledge on the client industry
  • Friendly rates
Fees usually gets driven by number of images to be created, number of customized web page templates, among others.

Business relationship in this type of projects has change through the years. Very rare would you find web designers giving a sample design prior to the signing and acceptance of downpayment. There are ethical concerns also as some clients do not proceed in a project after receiving initial studies, but later on carried it out with another provider using the same design that was initially given. The same is sometimes experienced vice-versa where the design they've created for a client were also used by other entities with minor modification.

With the availability of free templates online, the cost of design is no longer as high as usual. Entities who have higher budget than usual are the only ones who insist for customized design, that sets them apart from the rest.

Government support
The support of government in the field of web development is present but not as visible compared to other fields. One of its activities is E-Services Philippines where companies engage in this business can participate. Joining government trade mission is an option although the cost of participating in these activities can be quite prohibitive.

Another program that was created is the Funding for Information Technology Build-up (SME-FIT) by Small Business Corporation (SB Corp) where web design companies can apply for a credit line. Let us say the web designer has the following situation:
  • Got a client interested in developing a website but has constraints:
    • It wants to pay the web development project through installment amounts over a period of 6 months.
    • Willing to pay an extra interest to cover the duration.
    • Willing to issue post dated checks for the period covered.
If the web design company is accredited in SME-FIT, it can submit the copy of the contract and post-dated checks issued for consideration. Once approved, the web design entity issues post dated checks and receives the contract amount from SB Corp. This allows for immediate funding of the project although the web designer is expected to cover the funds for the checks issued, regardless whether their client pays them or not.

Web designers in the Philippines
There are close to a hundred companies offering web design services from different parts of the Philippines. I've listed some of them here. Note that these entities are those with online portfolios that cited international clients. I shall add more when I encounter other providers.

This blog does not guarantee the work of the companies listed here.

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