Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Datacraft sets up Cooperative Research Center for Advanced Infrastructure Optimization with De La Salle University Philippines

Datacraft and De La Salle University (DLSU) have jointly set up a Cooperative Research Center (CRC) for Advanced Infrastructure Optimization. The collaboration aims to establish a world-class program to facilitate research and consulting services on infrastrusture optimisation for clients across the Asia Pacific region.

Funded by Datacraft, the CRC was set up to in September 2006 and is currently staffed by a group of 12 top gradute researchers from the Computer Science program who have been stringently selected by Datacraft and DLSU. They will continue to study for their post-graduate degrees while working at the center.

Being a major partner of Microsoft, Datacraft will also leverage the CRC to focus and align its research activities closely to Microsoft's Infrastructure Optimization Initiative (IOI).

The capability development research program includes:
  • Desktop, server, and device management management, updates deployment, among others.

  • Identity and access management, data protection, and access to resources.

  • Security and networking mechanisms to protect IT infrastructures from denial of service attacks and viruses, and preserving access to corporate resources.
Tangible outputs expected to come out from the program includes completion by the students with Microsoft certification compliant with industry qualifications. They will also have industry experience engaging on number of projects working with Datacraft.

(Thanks to Dominguez Marketing Communications for passing on this information.)

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