Sunday, December 11, 2005

Indie animation producers goes mainstream with Filipino animators

Here's an interesting article by the Hollywood Reporter that features how indie animation producers are now going high-tech and entering the mainstream. This is through partnering with producers who have ties with animators in the Philippines.

Read CNET for the full story.

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  1. It seems like more and more we will be seeing a proliferation of quality lower-budget animation films and televisions shows. Especially as outsourcing of animation gets more widespread.
    There's a U.S. company called and they are working as a resource for independent producers who want to set up smaller productions to be animated overseas for typically significantly lower budgets than possible for U.S. animation companies.

    One can't expect international companies to stay where they've been -- soon they will probably be taking over even more of the higher-end as well as middle and lower-end productions.
    As communication and internet file transfer technology has gotten cheaper and easier, it seems these companies are getting even more of a foothold in the traditional, 2D, Flash, and now even 3D animation production industry for more than just gaming. I predict these companies will be producing more and more feature films for U.S. theatrical release. Soon they will be producing corporate animated commercials as well.